– There are things you would really like to have –

the perfect companion in 8 colors

the perfect companion in 8 colors

knitted fleece jackets keep you warm and moveable.

PASCAL: fits perfectly

PASCAL: fits perfectly

Our new Overalls in ergonomically perfect design for more freedom of movement. Choose out of 10 colors and enjoy.

JUSTUS - fits under as well as over

JUSTUS - fits under  as well as over

Highly water-repellent, windproof and breathable Softshell Vest - perfect match in 10 different colors.

FHB is a Brand of the Century

  • Handmade in Germany

    When a man or woman buys clothing today, it is a sensation if that clothing was manufactured 100 % in Germany. And who can go one step further and say that the fabric and accessories also come from Germany. That is what we do. We produce our heavy guild trousers and jackets 100 % in Germany.  Guaranteed.

  • Exceptional

    We are very pleased about a special honour: FHB was included in the anniversary edition of Deutsche Standards - Marken des Jahrhunderts (German Standards - Brands of the Century). This acknowledgement is only received by brands that are models for their type of product, such as the tissue Tempo or the washing machines from Miele. The brand lexicon lists German brand articles that all offer a guarantee of uniqueness in their industry.

  • Origin, true love-hate

    In our "Origin" collection, we combine the historic material of English leather with classical and fashionable forms of jean and work clothing.
    We love English leather because it is so strong and you feel almost invulnerable in it. We hate this material because our seamstresses have to work so hard to process it.



  • Who are Benno, Rudolf & Marieke?

    Over these many years we have developed a close relationship to our FHB classics. This has showed that simple article numbers are no longer enough. We need real names, not urban names, abbreviations or fantasy names. Now our products are called Anton, Ernst or Marieke. However, we also don't want every name. In total we have come up with 256 names. 

  • AplusA 2013

    We think up something new for every AplusA. The basic idea is always the same, however. Our trade fair stand includes objects that can also be used in another form. See for yourself.