This CORDURA holster bag has 1 spacious pocket, a reflecting hammer and tool holder on the front side of the bag, a flap with Velcro to close the bag, FHB quick fasteners to attach it to the belt loops of FHB trousers.


100 % polyamide (CORDURA 1000)


19 x 23 cm (W x H)

Size tables


20 black

This is what your clothes can do

MORE IS IMPOSSIBLE: Our holster bags are manufactured from CORDURA 1000. What only a few people know, there are varying strengths of fabric structures and thus sharply fluctuating load capacities. Our holster bags keep your nails and other sharp-edged objects very secure. They are flexible and fit to the belt loops on every pair of FHB trousers thanks to the quick fastener developed by FHB and YKK. Please compare! It is worth your while.
We produce these holster bags in Asia.