FHB a top performing partner

For years we have benefited from your extensive trust in us. We find that incredibly pleasing and it motivates us to produce honest and really good products.

Therefore, we try hard to listen to you when you criticise something or have new ideas for even better products.

Our FHB retailers, however, have also helped us greatly with their partnership mentality. We want to express our thanks by being able to deliver quickly whilst providing solid quality and being friendly. Thank you.


FHB responsibility

The new trendy word is sustainability and basically no one can stand to hear it any more.
Everyone would like to be it and all are it naturally.

When we do something, we do it consciously, to our environment,
to our partners and to our customers. We promise this.


FHB quality

There is hardly any clothing where the quality is as critical as it is for work clothing.

It is usually worn more than 40 hours per week. Sometimes, it even has a protective function. And no matter what, it helps with the work. Besides good production and convincing functionality, the basic materials and accessories are the critical factors for ensuring their robust nature and long life.

That is why we have opted for zip fasteners from YKK, thread from Amann and fabric from Kindermann in Ibbenb├╝ren or Kettelhack in Rheine. Quality is critical.