Guild clothing has been our passion since 1947. Fritz Höhne founded the original company called Höhne & Mischke in Bielefeld.
The production site in Bielefeld also gave rise to the name Original Bielefeld Guild Clothing, which many people know today.
In the 60s, the initials of Fritz Höhne Bielefeld were added and we created the logotype FHB with the two guildsmen.

Here are the logos from the last two centuries:

FHB Logo 1947 - 1952
FHB Logo 1953 - 1968
FHB Logo 1969 - 1991
FHB Logo 1992 - 2000
FHB Logo 2001 - present

In 1970 Höhne & Mischke moved to one of today's locations in Spenge, about 16 km from Bielefeld. Both back then and today, the production of classical FHB guild clothing has taken place here. That is outstanding if you think where, how and under what conditions clothing has been produced in the meantime.

However, we also manufacture in eastern Europe and have our own office in the vicinity of Shanghai in Asia. This lets us be certain about where
and under what conditions our clothing is being produced. That is important to us.

About 80 employees are working in Spenge at the present time. In addition to this production site and the administrative office there, we also have a new 5,000 sq. m. logistics facility that lets us deliver at any time.

At the beginning, the product line consisted only of guild clothing. In this segment, FHB is also the absolute market leader in Europe today.
But now we offer a lot more than just guild clothing by including other strong and functional types of apparel.