Show yourself

You don't need to hide from your good performance.

So you can make it clear to your customer who is responsible for the good work and service, we offer you a nifty and concise tag from FHB. This lets you differentiate yourself from the masses. Please ask us about it.



Very visible reflective strips

FHB reflective stripes

We can attach additional reflective strips to FHB work trousers and jackets at any time. You have the choice between 2.5 centimetre wide or 5 centimetre wide strips.
Just as you like.

High-quality embroidered badges

FHB high-quality embroidered badges

At FHB you can choose between two variations: a badge directly embedded in the piece of clothing or an embroidered emblem sewed on afterwards.
And you can make it even more individual by attaching a name plate, which we can also adorn with a
velcro strip. Simple and practical.

Patch and transfer badges

FHB patch and transfer badges

In addition to the directly embedded badges and embroidered badges, FHB also offers to attach badges to work clothing with heat.
Please ask us about it.