FHB handmade in Germany

When a man or woman buys clothing today, it is a sensation if that clothing was manufactured
100% in Germany. And who can go one step further and say that the fabric and accessories also come from Germany. Almost no one. You can't do it more sustainably than that. This makes us so flexible that you can choose your custom-made guild clothing yourself and pick it up from the retailer of your choice in 3-4 weeks and even the purchasing channels are especially short.

We have known our suppliers for decades and trust them. Anyone who produces in Germany must automatically meet all the standards for the environment and work conditions. That goes without saying. If you want, give us a call and simply take a look at our production facilities in Spenge.

Seriously. Unfortunately, we cannot produce everything in Germany. This is not possible to achieve
with very elaborate products for cost reasons. Therefore, we produce our work clothing and some other products in eastern Europe or in Asia.

With our own employees on site and our office in Suzhou (close to Shanghai)
it is guaranteed that we will meet our own high standards there, too.