Custom-made clothing
Custom-made clothing

Customised guild clothing

FHB tailor-made guild clothing

Tailored just for you

We're glad to do something special. In our German manufacturing facility we'll produce things just the way you want them. For your customised production you can select between Genoa corduroy, Trenker corduroy, ribbed moleskin, canvas, German leather or twisting double pilot in all the available colours. Frequently we will also fulfil many additional wishes from real leather because it holds the longest, after all.

You can find a list of all the wishes we have received here.

If you have chosen an individual favourite, your FHB retailer will measure you or you can determine the measurements on your own.

Of course, special wishes come at a cost, which your FHB retailer will be glad to calculate. Then we'll get down to work and begin sewing.
Please give us roughly 3-4 weeks time.

Work clothing tailored to your wishes

FHB work clothing tailored to your wishes

If the standard isn't good enough for you, then you need something special. If you are a company that has its own ideas for colour combinations and special requirements for work clothing, we can help you to implement this.

FHB sourcing solely deals with developing products that meet your own ideas for CI. We can produce these products for you in Asia or eastern Europe. This is where we benefit from our many years of experience in manufacturing high-quality FHB guild and work clothing.

We have already been doing this very successfully for some quite large logistics and industrial companies. We look forward to your request at 0 52 25 - 87 64-44 or your Mail.