Taking care of your guild clothing

FHB Care

In the past you would have just brushed off your trousers,
today we wash them. But when you do this, please do it right.

In order to maintain the longevity, surface structure and colour of the FHB guild trousers, you should definitely wash them inside out and close the zip fastener. Please make sure you do not use any fabric softener. In particular with ribbed moleskin, twisting double pilot and German leather, this will let you avoid the wash stripes that occur otherwise.

With fabric from 100 % cotton, one tries to limit the shrinkage process during washing by advanced sanforising. But the heavier a fabric is, the more difficult this is. Higher shrinkage values are therefore unavoidable and completely normal. Please take this into account when you choose your size. After washing, you should stretch every pair of trousers when they are still wet. This can compensate for most of the shrinkage.

Taking care of your work clothing

We cannot provide any general washing instructions due to the use of various materials. Please check this in each individual case and look at the washing label on the inside of your clothing.

If your clothing has additional features such as a patch or reflective strips, you should generally take the following things into account:

  • Do not use any fabric softener
  • The lettering and/or the customer logo may often only be washed at lower temperatures than the piece of clothing itself
  • Do not use dryers
  • No chemical detergents
  • Only wash inside out

Please ask your FHB retailer in individual cases or send us an email.