Guild clothing
Guild clothing





Guild trousers trenker corduroy three-yarn
Foot width: 65cm, 2 folding ruler pockets, artificial leather pocket piping, real leather shoe-guard


85 % cotton, 15 % polyester, 600 g/sq. m.


40 - 66 / 84 - 114 / 23 - 30

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20 black

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The corduroy for eternity: In the 18th century, corduroy was the material for the beautiful and wealthy. French farmhands and English miners didn't need the nice appearance – they needed something strong, something cruder. So they developed robust cord on their looms. With triply twined warp thread, i.e. the three-wire chain, which was as strong as a chain. And had up to 100 weft threads per centimetre, making it incredibly durable. Travelling journeymen only dare to make their trip in this material. Since what other fabric could survive three years and one day of pure adventure?
We produce these guild trousers in Germany.