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Work clothing





These ORIGIN twisting double pilot work trousers have a bottom width of 44 cm, large multi-functional front pockets, incl. a knife and mobile phone pocket that is also suited for larger smartphones, 1 folding rule pocket, a spacious back pocket, double tool loops on the rear yoke, and 2 cm wide belt loops.


100 % cotton, 520 g/sq. m.


42 - 64 / 84 - 114 / 23 - 30

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20 Black

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Probably the strongest work trousers in the world. The design of the pockets makes all the pocket bags incredibly durable since they also have English leather as the surface material.
URSPRUNG collection: For decades we at FHB have had a  passionate love-hate relationship with English leather. We love this original material because it is so strong. Dressed in English leather, you feel almost invulnerable. Yet we also hate this material because our seamstresses have to work so hard to process it. But either way, this stuff affects us! FHB ORIGIN - really loved and unique.
We produce these work trousers in eastern Europe.


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